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Past Experience:

ABC SCANDAL (Season 5 Assistant Property Master)
FOX Bones (Seasons 5 thru 10 asst props day-play)
FX Justified (season 6, asst prop master)
CW Lucifer (pilot, swing)
BSI Inc. Misc. Sony projects (swing)
ABC The Fosters (season 2 asst props day-play)
FX Married (season 2 asst props day-play)
FOX Dads. (asst. props day-play)
NBC Animal Practice (asst. prop master season 1)
TNT Rizzoli & Isles (asst. props dayplay)
SHO Dexter (asst. props dayplay season 7)
NICK Figure it Out (asst props dayplay)
NBC Community (asst. props day-play)
ABC Revenge (asst. props day-play)
FOX Bones (asst. props day-play)
CW Hart of Dixie (asst. props day-play)
FX Justified (asst. props day-play)
TNT Franklin & Bash (asst. props day-play)
NBC No Ordinary Family (Assistant Prop Master/B-Unit Prop Master Season 1)
ABC Undercovers (Prop Assistant day-play)
CBS Coldcase (Assistant Prop Master last season Epsd. 8
ABC Eli Stone Season 2 (Asst. Prop Master)
ABC Good Behavior pilot (Asst. Prop Master)
NBC Knight Rider mow (B-Unit Prop Master)
ABC Notes from the Underbelly Season 2 (On Set Prop Master)
Hard-Breaker Prod. Not Easily Broken feature film (Assistant Prop Master)
ABC Greek Season 1 (Assistant Props)
NBC Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 (Assistant Props)
FOX The Wedding Bells (Assistant Prop Master)
ABC The Nine Season 1 (Assistant Prop Master)
Strand L.T.R./Boys Life 4 (Prod. Design & Prop Master)
NBC The West Wing (2 seasons Swing, 4 seasons assistant Prop Master)
CBS Everybody Loves Raymond (On Set)
MTV Music Awards Promos (aprox. 6)
Real World Promos (3)
Movie Awards Exterior
Kings of Comedy Promos (4)
Road Rules Promos (2)
Movie Awards Promos (5)
The Osbournes Promos (3)
*NSYNC Promos (Decorator & Prop Master)
HBO Sex Bytes (2) (Decorator & Prop Master)
RSA Unisys/Chrysler commercials (Decorator & Prop Master)
MTV Fight Against Violence (Emmy Award winning educational series)
The Wood Promo
Madonna dreams VIP promo for 'Music'
Jailbait Movie Promos (4) (lead person)
Citadel Flypaper feature (lead person)
Pittard Sullivan Sat-Eins Commercials
Qualcom Commercials (lead person)
TNT Pirates of the Silicone Valley TV film (lead person)
Elizabeth Street Prod. Liars Poker feature (lead person)
Elbro Prod. Whitney-Mama’s Little Baby
Behind the true Biography-Dione
Behind the true Biography-Bjork (Prod. Design & Prop Master)
NBC Sleeping with the Enemy MOW (Assistant Prop Master)
CBS The Uninvited MOW (On Set)
Discovery Channel Health Show (lead person)
Nickelodeon Alan Strange (On Set)
CBS LA Doctors (Assistant Prop Master)